Bhartiya Cinema Mey Patkarita Ka Shringar


Bhartiya Cinema Mey Patkarita Ka Shringar is a unique history of Indian Film Journalism. The book encompass topics like History of Indian Film Journalism, Origin and definitions of Critic, Cultural journalism in pre Indian cinema, Journey of film Criticism from early to Present days, History of film periodicals in India, Legendry Critics and their Criticism, Film journalist defines different facets of cinema, Legendry journalist and film critics, Role and Significance of Film Journalism etc. 

Motive of the book : The motive for writing this particular book is to highlight those non-shining starts who are responsible for the glittering stars that are visible to the viewers.

From the book : Film journalism is a unique, distinguished and queer art. It is a famous form of journalism. Film journalism is a popular mode which has its own style. Film writing and reporting is a specialized area than as any other. It needs both technical knowhow and good writing skills. The realm of film journalism includes reports about films, criticism, gossip about film industry, film trade and analysis, pin ups and interviews of famous stars. Film journalism in India from the cradle is considered less important as compared to other branches of journalism. Instead, it is burgeoning popular day by day. It has become an important part for both print and electronic media. So, the media is forced to give adequate space to cinema. Each and every daily newspaper publishes an exclusive supplement based on cinema. Every channel telecasts film based programs. These supplements and programs consist of reporting of film activities, interviews and criticism.

Up coming projects:  

               One.   Gateway to the Indian Cinema

        Two.  Mission Gaya 2100       


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